About Temp-to-Hire Jobs

WHAT does TEMP-TO-HIRE mean?

A temp-to-hire job - also called "contract-to-hire" - is an employment arrangement where a position is temporarily filled with the possibility of the worker being hired on as a permanent, full-time employee at the end of the specified employment period. The Hiring Company places the temporary employee on DeLong Staffing Specialists' payroll for a period of time. It’s an opportunity for either party to determine whether or not the position is the right fit for you. See our featured jobs for examples of open temp-to-hire positions.


A temp-to-hire employee is under contract with our staffing agency throughout the temporary employment process and is ineligible for benefits offered to full-time employees. At the end of your temporary employment period, the employer will determine whether they want to extend your employment period or permanently hire you. Choosing to hire you as a permanent, full-time employee will require paperwork and onboarding. If you transition to a full-time position, your contract with DeLong Staffing Specialists ends.


A temp-to-hire position can last anywhere from 3 months up to as long as 3 years.


Temp-to-hire jobs offer several advantages:

  • FLEXIBILITY. Temp-to-hire positions enable you to decide if you are a good fit for the job and the company before making a long-term commitment.
  • TIME TO DEMONSTRATE YOUR SKILLS. A temp-to-hire arrangement gives you time to demonstrate your skills, experience, and work performance in order to impress the hiring manager.
  • GAINED EXPERIENCE. Even if your temporary position does not lead to a direct hire, you have learned important skills that can be an asset to building your resume and gaining a competitive edge for future employment opportunities.
  • EXPAND YOUR NETWORK. Every person you work with during your contract-to-hire job is one more connection in your professional network. Even if those connections don’t help you get hired, they may have other connections that could help you land a permanent job elsewhere.
  • FILL EMPLOYMENT GAPS. Even if the role is part-time or short-term, contract-to-hire jobs are a great way to fill in gaps in full-time employment. It demonstrates to future employers that you were professionally active and kept your skills up-to-date with short-term employment.


There are several best practices that can help you earn a full-time job offer from temp-to-hire employment.

  • TAKE INITIATIVE. Be on the lookout for ways to contribute to the success of your department. If you finish your work early, ask your boss or coworkers if there is another task you can do. Or, better yet, be observant and suggest an additional task you know would be useful and offer to do it.
  • BUILD RELATIONSHIPS. Make an effort to connect with your coworkers and managers. Chat with them during lunch breaks and be friendly and positive. Building strong relationships in the workplace can prompt your coworkers or managers to recommend you for a full-time hire position or, at the very least, be used as referrals if the position doesn’t lead to a direct hire.
  • GET TO KNOW THE COMPANY. A common complaint about temp workers is that they don’t try to learn anything about the company. So learn about the company’s history, clients, culture, and mission. This shows your employer that you care about and are invested in their company’s future.
  • FOLLOW THE DRESS CODE. Adhering to the company’s dress code shows you take the job seriously and want to fit in to the company culture. Do not dress too casually for your position or dress up more than the dress code requires.
  • BE EAGER TO LEARN. Show enthusiasm for your role and ask to learn new skills that are valuable to your employer, even if they don’t directly relate to your current position. But be sure to ask questions if you are unsure about a task rather than assuming you’re doing it properly.
  • TREAT IT LIKE A PERMANENT ROLE. If you view your position as a short-term job, then it will only be a short-term job. So put your best foot forward. Show up on time (or early) to your scheduled shifts, diligently complete your assigned tasks, and respect company policies. It’s also important to understand exactly what an employer is looking for in a permanent hire. Otherwise, you may not perform the right tasks or meet the right goals and as a result never get hired.
  • BE PATIENT. It can be challenging to wait and see if your temp job gets you a full-time job offer. But don’t be presumptuous and immediately ask your boss if he’s going to hire you. Patiently demonstrate a strong work ethic and prove yourself to be an asset to the company. Convey your interest in a full-time position toward the end of your temporary employment period.

what are the BENEFITS FOR TEMPORARY employees?

We offer our temporary employees a level of service that sets us apart from other temporary staffing agencies in Cleveland. Our recruiters are available 24/7 to meet the needs of our temporary employees and are fully prepared to counsel them throughout their entire job search and their employment period with DeLong Staffing Specialists. We continue to offer the best staffing services in the industry to our temporary employees, including the following benefits while being employed through DeLong Staffing Specialists.

Weekly Pay

Our pay period runs from Monday through Sunday. Our temporary employees are paid each week for any hours worked during the previous pay period.

Referral Bonus

Refer a candidate, and if the candidate is placed by a DeLong Staffing Specialists Recruiter and transitions to the Client Company's payroll, you'll receive a cash bonus!

Direct Deposit

For the convenience of our temporary employees, your paycheck can be deposited directly into your personal checking, savings, or payroll debit card.


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