Direct Hire Employment

Job seekers quickly find that there are different types of employment available. Temp-to-hire employment and contract employment are two well-known options, but there’s another form of employment to know: direct hire.

What is direct hiring?

Direct hiring is a process through which a company seeking a qualified candidate to fill a job opening will offer the position to an individual who fits their criteria. When a company is looking to direct hire, they may or may not work with a third party—like a staffing agency—to find candidates. An employer might gauge the best type of hiring for their present needs based on the current job market and other factors. 

Some positions are more likely to be direct hire jobs, such as those that require proficiency in a particular skill set that is in high demand. A shortage of qualified applicants might also lead a company to prefer the long-term security that a direct hire employee offers, and they may hope for a more targeted pool of workers to choose from.

What does direct hire mean?

The direct hire process is similar to traditional hiring, in that the company will source candidates, review applications, interview, and then make a final decision. That soon-to-be employee will take on their new role with the assumption that they will become part of a company’s fabric and culture. Besides the commonly expected aspects of a direct hire position, a job seeker might also receive the training and equipment necessary to carry out their role successfully. Though a direct hire worker may have been found using a direct hire staffing agency, once hired they will report directly to their new employer, not the agency.

What are the benefits of direct hire staffing?

Benefits can be broken down into what is good for employers, and the reasons that a job seeker might prefer direct hire positions. 

Direct hire benefits for companies:

  • Easier to fill a position that requires a long-term commitment
  • Better way to fill open management and/or executive positions or highly skilled roles
  • Larger, but more focused pool of candidates to draw from
  • Increased employee commitment and retention
  • Hiring temporary employees directly saves time and resources

Working with a Cleveland direct hire agency means that employers looking to fill a specific, permanent position don’t have to expend their own resources in the search. The agency can screen potential candidates and find the best prospects, even for difficult-to-fill or niche positions.

Direct hire benefits for job seekers:

  • A permanent, more secure position may fit best with a lifestyle, set of preferences, or long-term goals
  • Additional benefits, like health care, life insurance, retirement savings, PTO and more
  • Employer commitment to employee success, including provided resources and training
  • Opportunities for career growth and professional development
  • Degree-relevant experience for recent graduates

Is direct hire faster?

The answer can depend on the position a company is hiring for, but in general, it is faster to direct hire employees, especially when it’s done through a direct hire agency. This is because the agency handles all the steps involved in screening candidates and coordinates a group of individuals who meet an employer’s specific needs and requirements. An employer wants to make a measured decision when it comes to hiring a long-term employee in whom they will invest time and energy to train and onboard, and a direct hire agency can handle that legwork.

A job seeker will often accept a permanent, direct hire position more quickly than they will a temp-to-hire position. This is especially true if they are looking for a job that offers additional benefits and the chance to immediately jump in and join a team.

Is direct hire permanent?

In general, yes, direct hire jobs are permanent positions that could also offer other potential employee benefits.

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