Check out some 5-star reviews from our satisfied clients. The recruiters at our Cleveland staffing agency are well-known for their expertise, kind and friendly demeanor, and their success in helping our clients find great jobs fast. If you're searching for employment, submit your resume or contact DeLong Staffing Specialists today!

  • DeLong staffing has been an amazing experience. I had applied for the job and they called me back within 24 hours. I had an interview within a week. They have worked extremely hard and Vickie and her team is so amazing. Thank you for everything you’ve done!

    Samantha Kilbane
  • They brought me in for a screening and set me up for an interview within one day. Vickie, Joe and everyone at DeLong were very friendly and professional, helping me find a good position quickly.

    David Fleming
  • They made the process of finding a new job quick and easy. The onboarding was all electronic and they helped me find what I was looking for within a couple of weeks. Shoutout especially to Vickie, she is the best and is willing to help with whatever you need!! Highly recommend.

    Jordyn Durk
  • DeLong Staffing is amazing! They were very quick in helping me find a position and made the entire process so easy! Vickie was so wonderful to work with!! Highly recommend!

    Shannon Strodtbeck
  • My experience with DeLong staffing was so great. They were very helpful and responsive. Always answered any questions I had quickly. It was like that throughout my entire temp period with them until I was officially hired in at my place of employment. I would recommend them to anyone looking for their perfect job!

    Shay Van
  • DeLong Staffing is very helpful and fast with finding you a job that fits your needs. Your recruiter will always be hands on with you every way during the steps until you get hired into the company your working for

    Tyler Lee
  • I worked with Joe Bir, he is the lead recruiter for Delong Staffing and he was absolutely amazing. From start to finish he made the process very easy and I enjoyed working with him. He was very informative and your own cheerleader supporting you step by step through the process. I now have a new job and a new chapter in my career. Thank you Joe and Delong Staffing, you guys are awesome!

    Margaret Nagy
  • The people here are fantastic! Treated me like a part of their family. Placed me in a job that I really do enjoy. Vicki was my go-to person and she was awesome. Anytime she could help me she did everything she could. I've been to other temp agencies but this one stands out!

    Ted Hudson
  • Denise is a great recruiter, she strives to get people great jobs that fits the description in their resume. She’s very nice, outgoing, and patient when it comes to dealing with her clients. Denise you’re awesome thank you!

    Stan Jones
  • I have been with DeLong Staffing for years. They are great and get you in a job fast. I never had a bad experience at any job they sent me to. If you are really in need of a job contact them they will for sure get you somewhere

    Latasha Ramsey
  • They are an amazing company. When I need something they always respond fast. They are very nice and friendly. They work with me to get a job and get me hired in. They are a wonderful company to go through to get a job.

    Micheal Baker
  • If I could give 6/5 stars I would! Denise was very professional, helpful and positive. She helped go through all my concerns...Once I got into interviews, she took the time and helped me relax, calm my anxiety and helped to uplift me with her positive demeanor. If I ever have the need to find employment in the future, she's exactly who I want to deal with because she went above and beyond just finding me work. I can never thank her enough!

    James Carullo
  • Vicki and the team have been great! She asked me questions about my experience and then matched me up to a temp-to-hire job, which turned out to be a great place to work! I can't thank them enough!

    KC Sawyer
  • Amazing staffing agency! They stayed in contact with me from the start and never kept me waiting. My personal agent not only got me started working immediately, but he also got me $2 more than what I asked for!

  • Interviewed with Vicky who made me feel more like a friend than client!! Very professional and truly cares about your placement of a job that suits you!! I thank you Ms.Vicky!

    Lisamarie Shaffer
  • Vickie is awesome! I've dealt with other agencies, but she was so responsive with every step once she had any updates. I believe on a Friday when she sent my resume to a prospective employer, she immediately set up an interview for early the next week. The next day after the interview, the employer wanted to extend me an offer. Vickie called me with the details and I accepted. She then immediately sent me the order for the pre-employment drug screen and sent me the results as soon as she got them back. Needless to say, I'm starting employment Monday. One other thing--she doesn't press you into taking just any job. She asks what your interests are, wage expectations, etc., and does not try to force you into taking a job. Rather, she asks questions to make sure it's a good fit FOR YOU. I'm very impressed!

    L. N.
  • I went in for an interview with Vickie...she introduced me to another awesome lady, they both put their heads together to find me the perfect job...they made me feel like family. When you need a job, DeLong Staffing is the place to go. They are true specialists in making you successful.

    Robert Moore
  • DeLong Staffing was very responsive to any questions that I had. I was highly satisfied with the friendliness of the staff.

    Lorraine Belle
  • Vickie is absolutely wonderful. Not only is she highly professional, she is caring and really works hard to help place her candidates in a position that will work well for them. I highly recommend them!

    Heather Warren
  • I am deeply pleased with my interaction with Bill Bishop at DeLong. It has been a long time since I have been able to experience working with a headhunter/recruiter on such a high professional level. From the beginning to the end of my search process and through landing a position with a fantastic company, DeLong was in contact with me every step of the way. I highly recommend DeLong!!! Best experience ever!

    Regina Rutledge (AP Manager)
  • I’ve worked with this agency a few times and have always been treated fairly and kindly.

    Rosanne Bir
  • I have worked for DeLong on and off for years. Everyone at DeLong has been great to work with. And Bill Bishop has been nothing less than honest and upfront with with me.

    Charles Jackson
  • They found me a position close to what I was looking for before anyone else. Close to what I was making with better benefits than what I had.

    Maintenance Technician (Current Employee)
    Twinsburg, OH 
  • My recruiter helped me find something right away. My recruiter worked with me on my resume which was a big help. They also helped find my friend a job.

    Assembly (Former Employee)
    Cleveland, OH